Level up your everyday with SimplyGo! EZ-Link is making the move to SimplyGo — a new cashless platform that’s bringing you more benefits everyday. Upgrade today to experience the benefits first hand!

Why SimplyGo?

Launched by Land Transport Authority (LTA) and TransitLink in April 2019, SimplyGo is a platform to enable cashless rides. No need to visit the top-up machine – you can use your contactless cards or mobile wallets to pay for bus and train rides, bringing you more ease and convenience.

With EZ-Link making the move to SimplyGo, you will still be able to use all of your favourite transit cards and charms while enjoying the new perks. By linking your upgraded transit cards to the EZ-Link app, you can enjoy hassle-free top-ups, view your transaction history, earn rewards and more!

Perks for you!

Tired of queueing? Now you can top-up on the go!

Your upgraded EZ-Link card on SimplyGo allows for cashless top-up via the EZ-Link app on your Android or iOS devices. No more long queues and wallet-fumbling.

Top up like a breeze, anywhere and everywhere.

Topping up your card no longer requires an NFC-enabled Android phone – which means no longer needing to tap your EZ-Link card to your NFC-enabled device with every top-up. As we make the move to cloud-based top-ups, iPhone users can also perform top-ups anywhere, anytime via the EZ-Link app.

Tracking your travel spending has never been easier.

Keep track of your travel expenditure and history easily through your registered EZ-Link account. Review both individual trip fares as well as total expenditure.

Top up only what you need.

Now you’re no longer limited to the fixed top-up amounts, which means you can better manage your monthly travel budgets.

Stay in the know.

Get notified on low balances via push notifications. No more embarrassing situations at the gantry.

Things to note


Upgraded EZ-Link cards cannot be used to pay for ERP and car park charges. However, you may sign up for our EZ-Link Motoring service which negates the need for any card in your In-Vehicle Unit (IU). Fares will be charged directly to your bank cards and you will never have to worry about having insufficient value in your cards again.


Your card balance and fare charges will not be displayed at fare gates and bus fare readers but fear not — you can now view these details via the EZ-Link app.


You should always maintain a minimum of $3 on your upgraded EZLink cards.


You have to accept the Terms & Conditions for upgraded EZ-Link cards listed on the EZ-Link website.


As this is a pilot launch for the upgraded EZ-Link cards, terms and benefits may alter along the way. EZ-Link should not be held liable for the accuracy or completeness of the information and materials contained on this website.

Any questions?

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