EZ-Link Terms and Conditions

Auto Top-Up e-statement

EZ-Reload e-statement
  1. The EZ-Reload e-Statement Service (“Service”) is a value-add default service provided by EZ-Link for users of EZ-Reload by GIRO and EZ-Reload by Card who have registered their email address with EZ-Link. Please read and understand the Terms and Conditions for the Service as the use of the Service will constitute your agreement to and acknowledgement of these terms and conditions as well as the acknowledgement of all the inherent risks in the transmission of e-Statement via e-mail.
  2. The provision of this Service is at EZ-Link’s discretion, and such Service may be modified, suspended, withdrawn, cancelled or discontinued by EZ-Link at any time.
  3. You will receive the e-Statement only if you have activated the EZ-Reload accounts and have made top-up transaction through EZ-Reload by GIRO or EZ-Reload by Card.
  4. Each bank or credit/debit card account will receive only one e-Statement per month.
  5. You agree to release us from any liability whatsoever resulting from any unauthorised assess from any party to your e-Statement sent to your designated email address (“Designated Email”). You agree that EZ-Link cannot warrant the timeliness, security, confidentiality or availability in the transmission of the e-Statements to the Designated Email.
  6. You may terminate the Service at any time by submitting a request via phone call to our call centre. On such request, EZ-Link shall remove your email address from our records as soon as possible. Do note that in such a time where your email address is again provided to EZ-Link for the purpose of facilitating the application, enquiry, termination or any other investigation purposes, your email address will be reinstated into our records.
  7. You are required to check all e-Statements for any unauthorized transactions, and if you are aware of any unauthorized transaction(s) on any of the e-Statements, you must notify both EZ-Link and your bank as soon as reasonably practicable.
  8. EZ-Link may from time to time advertise its products and services as well as those of its partners through the e-Statement Service.
  9. You understand that EZ-Link will use its best endeavours to ensure the security of the Service. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you agree that EZ-Link shall not liable in any manner for any disruption, unavailability of the Service, communication, electrical or network failure that may result in the e-Statements being incomplete, unavailable or delayed in transmission. You also understand that the while EZ-Link will take all reasonable measures, we cannot guarantee that the use of and the transmission of information via email is secure, and that the information transmitted may be liable to errors, viruses, delay, interception, modification or amendment by unauthorized persons, the transmission may be disrupted, interrupted, delayed or incorrect. You agree that in subscribing to the Service, you will not hold EZ-Link responsible for any errors, viruses, delay, inaccuracy, losses, damages whatsoever arising from or in connection with the customer use of the Service including but not limited to any interception, modification or amendment, disruption, interruption, delay or inaccuracy of e- mails or internet transmission or other communication equipment or facilities. For the avoidance of doubt, EZ-Link shall not be responsible for any losses suffered whether direct, indirect, consequential, or special loss, even if EZ-Link shall have been advised of the same.
  10. You agree that you will not hold EZ-Link responsible for any consequences that may arise as a result of any online communication between you and EZ-Link which may be lost in transmission (whether in whole or in part).
  11. You acknowledge and agree that EZ-Link shall have the right to amend any term(s) of this agreement at any time by giving such notice in writing to the customer, whether by mail, facsimile, e-mail notification or otherwise or by notices at EZ-Link’s website, and your continued subscription to the Service will constitute your agreement to the amendment(s).


Terms and Conditions

  1. The FEVO MasterCard Electronic card (“Card”) is issued by EZ-Link Pte Ltd (“EZ-Link”), who is licensed by MasterCard to issue MasterCard cards. EZ-Link has entered into an agreement with MasterCard where Cards bearing the MasterCard logo shall be accepted for payment at all merchants or retail points where MasterCard transactions can be made.
  2. You agree to be bound by these terms & conditions (“Terms”) whenever you purchase or use the Card. In addition –
    • “You” means the person who purchased the Card, or the person for whose benefit or uses the Card has been purchased. “Your” has a corresponding meaning; and
    • “EZ-Link” means EZ-Link Pte Ltd and our successors, assignees and authorised agents. “We”, “our” and “us” have corresponding meanings.
  3. You shall:
    1. pay a card fee (“Card Fee”) of such amount (as may be determined by us from time to time) upon the initial purchase of the Card. Different Card Fees may be chargeable depending on the type of card purchased;
    2. provide identification particulars or such other information where required by EZ-Link upon the purchase of the Card.
  4. For the purposes of these Terms, Card(s) shall also refer to FEVO Prepaid MasterCard on card and non-card form factors.
  5. You shall sign the Card on the signature panel on the back of the Card immediately upon receipt, and safeguard the Card.
  6. We shall not be responsible/liable to you for any discrepancy between the signature appearing on the Card and the corresponding sales slip or if for any reason(s) the Card is not accepted. You agree and understand that any discrepancy between the signature appearing on the Card and the corresponding sales slip shall not by itself be a ground for disputing the validity of the sales transaction.
  7. Your Card shall be valid for the period (“Validity Period”) stated on the card and shall expire on the first day of the following month indicated on the face of the Card. You agree and understand that the Validity Period may not be extended.
  8. The initial stored value on the Card at any time shall not exceed Singapore Dollars One Hundred (S$100.00) unless otherwise specifically permitted by EZL. We may permit the maximum stored value on the Card to be reloaded up to Singapore Dollars One Thousand (S$1000.00) where the Card has been designated by us as a reloadable card, and you have completed such registration requirements as may be determined by us. We shall be under no obligation to accept the registration, and may in our discretion reject any registration application without providing any reasons.
  9. All card sales are limited to Singapore and delivery to Singapore addresses only. Delivery to postal boxes shall not be accepted.
  10. Top-ups, where permitted, may be done at authorised agents appointed by us. A fee may be chargeable for each top-up.
  11. You must:
    1. ensure that you have sufficient balance in your Card for the payment transaction before use;
    2. keep a secure record of your Card number and the date on which your Card expires;
    3. keep your Card safe and within your possession. No refunds or replacement shall be entertained for any lost or stolen card;
    4. sign and activate your card as soon as you receive it;
    5. always remember to take your Card back after using it; and
    6. provide us with all necessary assistance to recover any unauthorised amount paid from your available balance.
  12. You must not:
    1. allow any other person to use your Card;
    2. give your Card number and details to any unauthorised person; or
    3. leave your Card in an unattended wallet, purse or vehicle or anywhere where another person could remove your Card without being noticed.
  13. You do not have the right to stop payment on any purchase or payment transaction originated by use of your Card.
  14. If your Card has expired, you must not continue to use it. If there is any unused stored value on your Card when your Card expires, you shall no longer be entitled to use that unused stored value.
  15. You may not request for refund of the available stored value on the Card before the expiry date stated on your Card. We shall only be obliged to refund you the remaining stored value, if any, on the Card under the following conditions:
    1. a refund application form is duly completed and submitted to us;
    2. the refund application form is filed with us after the expiry date of the Card, but within 1 month from the expiry date of the Card; and
    3. a refund processing fee shall apply for each refund, and shall be deducted from the remaining stored value on the Card. We will only be obliged to process a refund if the remaining stored value exceeds the refund processing fee. If there is insufficient stored value to cover the refund processing fee, we will notify you in writing of the unsuccessful refund.
  16. The remaining stored value will be refunded or made available to you within 30 days from the date we receive your refund application form. If you do not collect or effect your refund within 50 days from the date the refund is made available, you shall be deemed to have abandoned your claim to the remaining stored value and shall no longer be entitled to the remaining stored value, and we shall have the right to deal with the unclaimed stored value as we deem fit.
  17. If you do not file for a refund within 1 month from the expiry date of your Card, you shall be deemed to have abandoned your claim to the remaining stored value and no longer be entitled to claim the remaining stored value, and we shall have the right to deal with the remaining stored value in such manner as we deem fit.
  18. Where no payment or financial transactions are made on your Card for a continuous period exceeding 3 months starting from the date of last transaction. A dormancy fee shall be charged and deducted from the remaining stored value on your Card after 3 months of inactivity on the Card, and thereafter for every month for which the Card remains inactive.
  19. You are not permitted to terminate your Card account for any reason whatsoever, and you shall not be permitted to any refund in event of any purported termination of your Card account.
  20. If your Card is damaged or defaced, you may apply for a replacement Card from us. A replacement fee determined by us shall be chargeable for the replacement of your damaged Card. You shall be entitled to a free replacement if the damage is due to malfunction of the Card within six (6) months from the date of purchase. Any remaining stored value in the damaged or defaced card shall only be transferred to the new card. Transfer of remaining stored value is only applicable to registered cards. For replacement of cards, cardholders will need to produce the damaged or defaced card and may be required to provide receipts for proof of purchase.
  21. The replacement Card shall be delivered to the Registered Cardholder’s address in Singapore.
  22. Fees will be charged for some services. Please refer to the charge table at www.fevocard.com.
  23. When you use the Card outside of Singapore, the Card transaction shall be charged in the currency of the relevant country where the Card is used, and converted into Singapore Dollars at such exchange rate at such time as may be determined by MasterCard. The conversion rate applied is based on the posting date of the Card transaction to your Card account. We shall charge you the converted amount and an administrative fee. Please refer to the charge table at www.fevocard.com.
  24. We may permit you to register the Card with us in order to be a Registered Cardholder. You shall produce the Card as well as appropriate photo identification documents (such as NRIC, Singapore driving licence and/or passport) to verify your personal particulars. Registration may also be performed through the FEVO website at www.fevocard.com, mobile app, SMS, electronic or other means permitted by us. Upon successful registration, the card may be reloadable up to the maximum stored value of Singapore Dollars One Thousand (S$1000.00). Registration also allows you to inform us to blocking and unblocking of cards and replacement in case of damage or lost. We reserve the right to add more features or withdraw any features.
  25. Registered Cardholders shall, subject to the terms and conditions herein, not be liable to us for any fraudulent transactions not authorised by you after you have reported the loss to us.
  26. We may, at any time amend any part of these Terms. We will give notice of any amendment by posting the same at our website at www.fevocard.com or through such channels as we may determine in our discretion. Any such amendment shall bind you upon notice or on the date which such amendment takes effect as specified in the notice, whichever is earlier. You shall agree that any notification of amendments as aforementioned shall be sufficient notice for the purpose of this paragraph. Your continued use of the Card after the date of such notification shall constitute an affirmative acknowledgement by you of the amendments and shall be deemed to be your acceptance of such revised Terms.
  27. Our liability for any loss or damage that you may incur arising from the use of the Card shall not exceed Singapore Dollars One Thousand (S$1000.00) or the actual loss or damage, whichever is the lower.
  28. No failure or delay on our part in exercising any power, right, or remedy under these Terms shall operate as a waiver of such power, right, or remedy.
  29. A person or entity who is not a party to these Terms shall have no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act, chapter 53B of Singapore to enforce any term of these Conditions, regardless of whether such person or entity has been identified by name, as a member of a class or as answering a particular description. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in this paragraph shall affect the rights of any permitted assignee or transferee of these Terms.
  30. The construction, validity and performance of these Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Singapore law. Each party mentioned herein hereby submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore courts.